Last Updated: 19th August 2019

Exploring the Alps on two wheels

Trip Info:


Distance: 2809km/1746miles

Participants: 2

Duration: 10 days

Countries: FR, DE, AT, CH, IT



Two friends, now living in separate European countries, agree to take a motor biking trip through the Alpine mountains. With approximately 40 years riding experience between them, and good planning tools, the winter was used to research biking sites and a route was agreed on, hotels booked in advance, bike2bike communications tried and tested, and the mood was set for what turned out to be a great adventure.

I do a u-turn and double time it back to Phil, where sure enough he's on his side. There are already two guys trying to lift the barge (Pan euro) of off him, finally he's out and ok. On inspection on the bike it turns out that the front left calliper bracket is busted. A distraught Phil emerges, cussing and cursing. Cutting a long story short, whilst staying out of his way allowing him to cool down, I pop into the Hotel and nearest Honda dealer which happen to be in Cannes.


I came back with the good news that they can order the part and have it in next morning, but I had to ride down there to pay first, and I was off.

There were some issues with the hotel we were at, so on my way back from Cannes, I managed to find a nicer hotel to stay at. Phil just had to get the bike moved to there and we were all set.


When I arrived at the hotel, on the main road I noticed an intermarche. It was about lunchtime so I thought I would pop in and buy some comfort food for Phil. Arriving Phil was still in a pretty fowl mood and I started getting the water out etc. He looks at the 2 x 1,5ltr water  bottles I had bought him and pointing at it he asks where I got that from... The intermarche in front of the hotel I explain... Again pointing at the bottle, Phil enquired to the cost... "Oh.. 40 cents per bottle". Phil goes thermal nuclear. Turns out the hotel charged him 3,5€ for a 25cl bottle of water. Phil was the butt of water jokes from then on.


We got to the other hotel and used the rest of the day pampering Phils battered ego ;)


Next day I rode into Cannes again, and picked up the part without problems and once Phil had the part, it was a 10 minute job, and we were back in action.


We needed to make up for time, so we hit the motorway that day, and the rest of the trip from there on seemed to be uneventful compared to the start.




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