2013 Scotland Trip

Last Updated: 19th August 2019

Exploring the Alps on two wheels

Ah... Bonny Scotland. My roots lie here. Although I was born and raised in England, I can trace my heritage back in Scotland to the end of the medieval era, so it didn't come as a shock as I heard myself agreeing to seeing some of this wonderful countries wilder aspects on the bike.


Inverness was the goal, and as soon as I was committed to visiting Scotland, I contacted family which I had met. The months turned into weeks and I soon saw myself departing at 3am on a two week adventure.


Well I say adventure, but in reality there was the getting there. Ferries aren't my thing as the last 18 hour Esbjerg-Harwich ferry crossing from hell saw me vomiting for over 9 hours and not getting much sleep.


I vowed that I would never


do that again. So getting the Eurotunnel up to Scotland turned out to be a four day trip. The longest leg was the first day Copenhagen - Calais (1086km). Day2 a nice short 274km Folkstone - Bournemouth and 508km on day 3 Bournemouth - Kendal.


The scenery started getting impressive by Kendal, situated between The Yorkshire Dales (E) and the Lake District (W) We stayed the night at the Riverside hotel which was

a top notch hotel.


The ride up to Inverness was jaw dropping. You can really imagine all those barbarians, and Vikings running through the heath slaughtering each other, and you start to feel rather feeble compared. This is highlander territory.


Glencoe is an absolute gem. Fantastic views, cold wind and rain relentlessly whipping away. Yet again thanking that I have proper kit on. By the time we got to Inverness, we have

loads of time to reflect of where we are and its history.


The following few days we spend time visiting family, of course taking the longest diversions

possible. We visit papa rock restaurant which is a well known biker place and generally relax.


On the return journey we spend the night at Fort William and enjoy a haggis roll. Next day the heavens opened and some serious wind didn't stop until the Midlands and we parted our ways at the M6 toll. My mate got home on the same day, and I took 2 days to get back to Copenhagen.




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