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Exploring the Alps on two wheels

Day 01 | 546km | Copenhagen Clausthal-Zellerfeld (Hartz)


2016 Alp Trip Day 01 Map






















Outline for today05:30 Departure07:00 Ferry to Germany17:00-18:00 arrival atWaldfrieden BuntenbockAn der Ziegelhütte 538678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld Germany 










It's a 5 o'clock meet at Shell Karlslunde and after morning coffee, we leave Denmark, on the first leg of our journey. One of our goals for this trip is to avoid motorways as much as possible. So an hour into Germany we turn onto the B-roads, and that's all the motorways we will see until much later on in the trip. We travel south and passing Hanover the terrain starts to become mountainous. We havent seen any rain, but on the last leg the roads were wet. We stop in Harz for our first night after a 12 hour day on the bike. It starts raining hard and 5 minutes after it stops, our first rider arrives as he started his trip from Jutland. We get a meal, and out of the blue our Scottish rider appears. we are now 4.

Day 02 | 403km | Clausthal-Zellerfeld (Hartz) Gehlberg Germany


Outline for today10:00 Departure17:30-18:30 arrival atPension TraumblickGräfenrodaer Straße 3698559 OberhofGermany 2016 Alp Trip Day 02 MapWe take on Hartz which is a popular biking area in old East Germany, zig-zagging along its spine.


From here its onto "das grüne Herz Deutschlands" i.e. The green heart of Germany due to the Thuringian Forest natural park.  The roads here look spectacular.


The Thuringian forest extends in an irregular line from the neighbourhood of Eisenach in west-central Thuringia southeastward to the Bavarian frontier, where it merges with the Franconian Forest.







Type/Duration: 16 days with focus on riding.

Riders:  4/5

Distance: 5365km

Budget: 16.000 dkk/€2000/£1600

Countries: Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria

Kawasaki Z1000SX Red

Rule of Thumb Calculations


Fuel stops:Approx 20min fuel stop every 210-230km on motorways or 170 -180km In the twisties.Lunch Breaks:Approx 1 hour lunch break between 11:00-13:00. Combined lunch/fuel breaks approx 90 minsDaily riding timesWe aim for 9am starts, 5pm stops, including 2-3 fuel stops and a lunch. Distances covered vary on terrain type.

2016 Alp trip

Day 03 | 413km | Gehlberg Germany Flörsbachtal Germany


Outline for today09:00 Departure17:30-18:30 arrival at Jagdhotel SudetenhofSudetenstrasse 4663637 Lettgenbrunn Germany2016 Alp Trip Day 04 Map








Finishing off the second part of Thuringian forest, we head westward into the upper Bavarian countryside.


This day will go down in history as the Battle of the GPS's. We conclude that the GPS in front is the deciding GPS and carry on our trip. For a detailed


Day 04 | 360km | Flörsbachtal Germany Langensoultzbach France


Outline for today09:00 Departure16:30-17:30 arrival atAuberge du Moulin sept Fontaines1 rue Moulin des Sept Fontaines67160 DrachenbronnFrance 2016 Alp Trip Day 04 MapSetting off from upper Bavaria we cross the river Rhein through the city of Mannheim.


Travelling further west we approach the French Vosges Du Nord forest from the North via the German Palatinate Forest. This forest, split by France and Germany is one of the largest forests in Europe.


We end this day in Vosges Du Nord mountains and we are promised some fantastic roads for tomorrow.

Day 05 | 351km | Langensoultzbach France Ottrott, France


Outline for today09:00 Departure17:00-18:00 arrival at Pension L'Instant39 rue du Eck,67140 Le Hohwald,France2016 Alp Trip Day 05 MapBeing so close to the Black Forest the temptation is too great not to experience this beautiful area. After a bit of research, the B500 Schwarzwald Hochstrasse road is greatly recommended. And what a gem of a road this was.


We cross the Rhine and with the B500 starting at Baden-Baden and ending at Freudenstadt, we ride most of the B500, only hopping off where the twisties look just too fantastic, and hopping back on as not to miss too much of the B500.


Just before Freudenstadt, we turn off the B500 and start heading west, over the Rhine again and back into France on the southern side of the Vosges. Should be getting warm by now.






Day 06 | 321km | Ottrott, France La Bresse, France


Outline for today09:00 Departure16:00-17:00 arrival at:La Mirabella6, Route de Ventron, 88310 Cornimont,France 2016 Alp Trip Day 06 MapThe Parc Naturel des Ballons des Vosges just seems to scream out every time we pan the map over it, so this year we will explore this area to see what it has to offer.


All the roads here look like a bikers dream, and with limited time we zig-zag southwards taking in as many winding roads as possible. This evening we stop off and meet our British counterparts.

Day 07 | 414km | La Bresse, France Aosta, Italy


Outline for today08:00 Departure17:00-18:00 arrival at Hotel MochettazCorso Ivrea 105,11100 Aosta,Italy 

Mountainroads 2016 Alp Trip Day 07 MapHaving met the British rider(s), the next stage of our trip has the Alps firmly in our sights.


So today is a combination of covering miles and taking some great twisties through the Swiss Alps and end up in Italy.


We aim to depart slightly earlier today, i.e. 08:00 and travel southwards brushing along the coast of lakes Geneva and Lucerne, onto Martigny and the Great St Bernard Pass (2469m) before landing at our hotel.

Day 08 | 309km | Aosta, Italy Pont-Saint-Martin, Italy


Outline for today09:00 Departure17:00-18:00 arrival at:Crabun HotelVia Nazionale Per Donnas 3 11026 Pont-Saint-MartinItaly Mountainroads 2016 Alp Trip Day 8 MapToday, being firmly in the Alpine mountains, we start off in Italy head through the Little Saint Bernard Pass at 2188m into France and then the Col de L'Iseran Pass at 2770m in the Parc National de la Vanoise.


We spend most of the day on these roads where we take the opportunity to stop off for photo shoots. The last 1,5hours of this day sees us getting onto the Italian motorways back to tonight's hotel with an expected toll charge of 12€



Day 09 | 277km | Pont-saint-martin, Italy   Dubino, Italy


Outline for today09:00 Departure17:00-18:00 arrival at:Hotel SplugaVia Spluga 4223015 DubinoItaly  Mountainroads 2016 Alp Trip Day 9 MapToday takes us past the great Italian lakes Maggiore, Lugano and Como.


We've asked George Clooney if he would have us for coffee at his lake house, but he's unfortunately unavailable that day. Oh well, onwards and upwards to our first base hotel Spluga.

Day 10 & 11 | 421km | Dubino, Italy


Outline for the next 2 days09:00 Departure17:00-18:00 arrival at SplugaDay 10 TRT: 4hrsDay 11 TRT: 5hrsBreak/fuel Stops: 3hrsMountainroads 2016 Alp Trip Day 10 MapFor the next two days we continue to re-explore our favourite roads, but without the burden of our luggage. There is planned a 165km & 269km trip respectively for these two days. Day 11 we'll ride up Spluga Pass (2113m) up to Davos, and back through Saint Moritz.


Both routes fantastic biking roads. On the other hand if relaxing tickles your fancy, this will be the perfect place to do it.


Mountainroads 2016 Alp Trip Day 11 Map

Day 12 | 289km | Dubino, Italy    San Valentino alla Muta, Italy


Outline for today09:00 Departure14:30-15:30 arrival at:Hotel PlagoettPlagoett 639027 San Valentino alla MutaItaly On the move again to our second base hotel. This will take us through the famous Davos route.

Day 13 | 234km |  San Valentino alla Muta, Italy


Outline for today09:00 Departure14:00-15:00 arrival at:Hotel PlagoettTotal Riding Time: 5hrsBreak/fuel Stops: 1hrs Our luggage gets left in the hotel for today and we take on Stelvio and Forcola Passes.


Last minute change of plans we decide to


 2016 Alp Trip Stelvio

Day 14 | 354km |  San Valentino alla Muta, Italy   Ottobeuren, Germany


Today's Guidelines09:00 Departure16:00-17:00 arrival at: Hotel St. UlrichTotal Riding Time: 6hrsBreak/fuel Stops: 2hrs Mountainroads 2016 Alp Trip Day 14 MapFeeling the end of our journey is nigh, we traverse the Austrian Alps. These roads are normally fast and sweeping.


We stop off at the Ötztaler Glacier Road in Austria which is the highest paved road in the Alps at 2830m and 3rd highest in Europe (the 2 others being in Spain).


Pushing on northwards, we conclude our day in Germany.


Tomorrow will see our British riders splitting from the group around Ulm area as they ride NW back to England. A few fairly well beers will be had tonight to wish them a safe and merry ride home.

Day 15 & 16 | 1029km |  Ottobeuren, Germany   Sarstedt, Germany    Copenhagen, Denmark


Outline for the next 2 daysDay 1509:00 Departure16:30-17:30 arrival at Landhaus EickhofTRT: 7.5hrsBreak/fuel Stops: 2.5hrs Day 1609:00 DepartureTRT: 4 hrsBreak/fuel Stops: 2hrs17:00 arrival at CopenhagenThe customary blast home as the Nordic riders take to the autobahn heading North and try out our top speeds. Its all about the mile crunching the next two days and getting ourselves far enough north so we can get to Copenhagen within a reasonable time.


We wave goodbye to our English rider(s) around Ulm as they travel NW, destination Eurotunnel. They have their final hotel in mainland France, compared to the Nordic riders in mainland Germany.


Expecting to be at the German/Danish ferry terminal at 1400hrs on day 16. Back in Copenhagen for dinner.






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