Last Updated: 19th August 2019

Exploring the Alps on two wheels

Mountainroads The destination is not important, its the ride that matters. About the guy behind Being a motorbiking enthusiast since the early 1990's Robert has built up over two decades worth of experience, starting off as a motorcycle courier at Southern Despatch, England. 50,000 miles a year was a breeze back then. In 2004, and having moved to Copenhagen Denmark, he purchases his first new bike, a Honda VFR800 and to celebrate took on a week long solo tour of the Alps. Hooked on the experience, he now takes on European Alp trip on average once a year. Target audience. This site is targeted at anyone that is interested in motorbikes, but more specifically those of us that have taken an interest in doing longer trips, such as international biking holidays, be it a long weekend or a tad longer. So in essence we target the beginner as well as the experienced veteran.

Current bike setup


2019 Ducati MultiStrada 950S


Intercom: Interphone F5MC

Interphone F5MC


GPS #1: Tomtom 550



Cams #01: Sony AV200


Even though we link up to our own videos showing how we've done things, this site should only be understood as a source for inspiration. Replicating any of the videos shown here is at your own risk.

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